6 Metrics For Measuring Podcast Growth

So, what are we getting into today on CLIPPED? We’re going all in on the metrics that really count when it comes to your podcast’s growth.

I’m not just talking about racking up downloads; I mean a well-rounded strategy to truly understand how your show is doing.

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A Multi-Faceted Approach To Growth

Look, we all want our podcasts to take off, but if you’re only staring at download numbers, you’re missing the bigger picture.

It’s super important to see your podcast as more than just a show; it’s a part of your overall brand and business.

By keeping tabs on these 6 metrics for measuring podcast growth, you’re not just checking the pulse of your podcast, you’re also discovering new paths for growth and audience interaction.

The 6 Metrics For Measuring Podcast Growth

Networking and Relationship Building: Doing interviews on your show? Nice, you’re already broadening your network. Keep an eye on the connections and collabs that could lead to speaking gigs, business partnerships, or even new friendships.

Episode Completion Rate: Head over to Apple Podcasts Connect to see how much of your episodes people are actually tuning into. If that completion rate is going up, you’ve got an audience that’s really into what you’re putting out.

Social Media Buzz: If you’re seeing an uptick in your social media metrics, that’s a good sign your podcast is hitting the mark. Keep track of DMs, comments, and shares to get a sense of this.

Listener Ratings and Reviews: Don’t just gloss over those five-star reviews and positive comments. These aren’t just for vanity; they’re real indicators that your audience is growing and digging what you do.

Listener Conversions: Got digital products or courses you’re promoting? Keep tabs on the clicks and sales to see how well your podcast is working as a marketing channel.

Email List Momentum: Your email list is like a direct hotline to your listeners. If that list is growing thanks to your podcast, you’re doing something right.

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