Maximizing Your Podcast Reach with – EP 41

In this episode, I’m talking about and breaking down why it’s a killer tool for sharing your podcast online. is a universal link that allows podcasters to share their show on numerous listening apps via one link.

Pod.Link Key Takeaways

  • Apple and Spotify are the most popular podcast listening platforms. Most people will listen there.

  • Sharing a link to a podcast on one platform may discourage listeners who use a different platform from listening.

  • solves the problem of confusion by allowing listeners to select the platform of their choice.

How To Use

To use, type in the name of your show on the website, click on the desired episode, copy the unique link provided, and paste it wherever you want to share it.

Using allows for wider podcast reach and growth by allowing more listeners to access your podcast on their preferred platform. Ideally, you want to connect with listeners where they are, so, you don’t have to pull them off their favorite app.


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