How To Use Veed To Create Social Media Clips – EP 36

Experience the power of video podcasting with Veed and reach new heights of brand awareness and organic growth. Veed is an online video editing that makes it easy to create professional looking videos, and social media clips.

Here’s What I Cover In This Episode

1. Discover how to unlock the power of video podcasting with Veed, a web-based video production tool

2. Learn how to create professional-looking videos with minimal effort and get access to dozens of fonts, captions, and animations to customize your clips

3. Find out how Disney, Amazon, Netflix, and Google use Veed to repurpose content and

maximize their reach on social media

4. Learn why video is the first thing people see when they wake up in the morning

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The Impact of Social Media Clips

If you want to get people excited about your podcast and expand your organic reach, you may want to add a video component to your marketing strategy. With video, you can cut together clips and trickle them across your social media channels. If you haven’t noticed, a lot of the top podcasters have been using this strategy for a few years and it’s paid them dividends.

Travis Brown told me something a few months ago that stuck in my head. People don’t wake up in the morning and start searching Apple Podcasts and Spotify for podcasts they want to listen to that day. They wake up and start scrolling social media, and video is one of the first things they see in the morning. You want to be right there in front of them. Video really can grow the awareness of your podcast.

Veed’s Capabilities

Creating video clips may sound intimidating, but Veed makes the process incredibly easy. Veed has a range of tools for customizing videos, such as adding SFX, music, graphics, captions, emojis and more. Veed even has awesome templates which can expedite your creative process.


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