Episode 1 – The Top 5 Reasons To Start A Podcast

Clipped is designed to help you become a better, more efficient podcaster. In this first episode of the show, Eric is sharing his insights on how a podcast can help you grow your mission, build credibility in your industry and expand the reach of your network. He also shares his reason for starting this podcast. Hint, it has a lot to do with “walking the walk”. In addition, Eric breaks down the expectations for subsequent episodes of Clipped. The podcast will be covering podcast editing, production, gear resources, episode publishing, monetization, industry trends, and more! In the first episode, Eric gives you the low down on why you should stop thinking about it and just launch your podcast already!

Episode 1 Transcription 


“We’re all on screens all day. And I think being able to kind of step away from that but still be engaged is a huge plus.” – Eric Montgomery

“The sooner you grow an audience and connect with people, the sooner that they’re going to buy into your ecosystem.” – Eric Montgomery

“When you get on a podcast and start talking about something that you’re an expert in, it automatically gives you credibility.” – Eric Montgomery

 Episode Highlights

  • How a podcast can act as a lead magnet
  • Why podcasting can help you connect and network in your niche
  • Building relationships through podcasting
  • What is so fantastic about audio content, and why it often has the advantage over video
  • How podcasting can help position you as an expert in your field

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This ebook breaks down the entire podcasting process into four pillars: pre-production, production, post-production, and launch. By reading through it and mastering each pillar, you’ll be fully equipped with what it takes to launch a successful podcast. Be sure to grab your copy today!

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