This image shows the Rodecaster Pro in all it's glory.

What Makes The RodeCaster Pro So Amazing?

As podcasting becomes a lucrative form of income accessible to everyone, podcasters are chomping at the bit to build their podcast studios and recording kits.

But, not all podcasting setups are created equal. Maybe you already have a decent podcasting kit, but, you’re eager to level up your sound. Or, maybe you need both a mixer and audio interface. Perhaps you want to do a live show, with music and SFX.

Look no further than to the crown jewel of the podcast world, the RODEcaster Pro.

The Pro is unique because it’s designed specifically for podcasters. It has gained well-deserved fame as the best podcast recording device.

  • Buy a RODEcaster Pro 2 – Updated info about this new version at the bottom of this post. The Amazon links on this page have also been updated, and now like to the Pro 2.

In this article, we outline the features, advantages, and usage guidelines of the RodeCaster Pro and RODEcaster Pro 2.

What is The RodeCaster Pro?

The Rodecaster Pro is a powerful all-in-one solution for podcasting.  Amazon regards it as a “podcast studio in a box” because it is the all-in-one device that podcasters need.

A typical mixer allows podcasters to mix audio together, whether that be dialogue, music, or SFX. The RodeCaster Pro does all that and more. It’s a mixer on steroids.

The RodeCaster Pro can function as a mixer, recorder, and audio interface. It’ll record into your computer or onto an SD card. Users can record phone calls with it, as well as use it as an interface with Zoom, Squadcast,, or other VOIP application of choice. It also has one-touch SFX pads, Bluetooth compatibility, and more.

Companion App

Furthermore, The RodeCaster Pro also comes with audio production tools through the Companion App. The Companion App comes with the following audio tools:

  • Compression
  • Noise Gate
  • De-Esser
  • High-Pass Filter
  • Aphex Aural Exciter
  • Big Bottom

If software isn’t your bag, you can also access these tools on the mixer’s home screen. There’s a super-responsive touch screen, where the controls to all of these parameters lie. These tools are available on each individual track.

The Companion App is also where you’ll initially set up and register your RodeCaster, as well as update the firmware every so often.

Key Feature List

The RodeCaster Pro is the gamechanger for podcasters around the world. Its revolutionary design is possible because of the plentiful key features integrated into the mixer.

  • Four studio-grade XLR microphone inputs
  • Smartphone, USB and Bluetooth™ channels for remote call integration with automatic mix-minus for echo-free audio
  • Eight programmable sound pads, with eight banks available – load up to 64 sounds in total!
  • Powerful onboard audio processing, including the legendary APHEX Aural Exciter™ and Big Bottom™ effects for next-level audio quality
  • Record to microSD or a computer in stereo or multitrack for endless editing in post-production
  • Incredibly easy to use/Intuitive

Studio-Grade Microphone Inputs and Headphone Ports

The RodeCaster Pro features four microphone inputs. So, you can record a solocast, invite guests for interviews, or rock a full spod with your friends.

Each microphone port features independent gain control with up to 75db of clean gain. This ensures clear, crisp audio and a professional-sounding podcast, every damn time.

The ports on either side of the mixer also allow for easy monitoring from your studio headphones without ever getting in your way, or interfering with your mix.

There are 4 headphone ports, so, every podcast guest can wear headphones during the recording. Headphones are necessary to create a consistent tone and eliminate distractions during a podcast recording.


Again, The RodeCaster Pro’s claim to fame is its superior design. One feature users love is the intuitive, full-color touchscreen, for controlling all mixer functions with your fingertips.

This touchscreen is easy to read from any angle. There’s no glare and it has plenty of brightness. It also includes both automatic gain control and studio-grade audio meters to ensure those levels are peaking in the sweet spot.

The design also includes one-touch controls for instant access to features you need most in your recording session, including gain, headphone levels, mute and solo controls, and access to the audio processing tools.

Pro Audio Features At A Glance

It’s an absolute pleasure to listen to the RodeCaster Pro’s broadcast-quality audio. Each microphone input features a high-quality, servo-biased microphone preamp with up to 75dB of gain, with a low-noise floor, so you get clear sound quality every time.

The mixer also includes high-performance headphone and monitor outputs. This ensures that you can hear exactly what listeners will hear when they listen back to your podcast.

As mentioned above The RodeCaster’s onboard audio processing includes a compressor, noise gate, high-pass filter. This means you can remove background noise from recordings, and even loud breathing sounds.

The RodeCaster Pro’s built-in Aural Exciter uses psychoacoustic technology to enhance frequency response in critical areas where hearing is most sensitive, resulting in clearer vocals and more intelligible speech. So, you won’t have to worry about making sure each episode has consistent volume levels because it does it automatically.

The RodeCaster Pro gives podcasters everything they need to make their podcast stand out by offering professional broadcast effects right at their fingertips. Its Big Bottom Broadcast feature offers a low-end boost to tracks. It definitely adds some oomph.

Professional Soundcrafting

The mixer also includes one custom-made, programmable sound effects pad with controls for effects send level and built-in EQ. This means that you can create your own customized sound effects library to use during your podcast. It’s also easy to upload those sounds to the storage location on your computer hard drive via USB cable, and you can store up to 64 different sounds at a time.

Like a radio host, you may want some sound effects ready to add a bit of fun to your podcast. To add sound effects to your RodeCaster Pro system, you may click on program professional sounds in your mixer software and choose from one of several categories including animals, vehicles, and more!

Unparalleled Connectivity

Another one of our favorite features of the RodeCaster pro is its Bluetooth connectivity for connecting wireless microphones, a TRRS cable to connect remote guest devices, and 2-channel monitor output.

The mixer is also fully integrated with popular third-party remote recording platforms like Zoom, Squadcast, This means that podcast creators can connect with remote guests during recording sessions with great ease. To ensure that your callers don’t hear themselves on your podcast, the mixer also features mix-minus audio to prevent echoes.

RodeCaster Pro Learning Hub

Most podcast mixers sell their product and forget about the user. But, the folks at RodeCaster Pro want to ensure your success as you start a new podcast. So, they created the RodeCaster Pro Learning Hub. The learning hub includes training videos that walk you through everything from getting started with your mixer to building out a full-fledged production studio in your home or office.

RodeCaster Set Up

The Rodecaster Pro’s intuitive design makes using all the incredible features a breeze. Setting up your RodeCaster Pro is simple.

Once you’ve plugged in your device, open up the companion app on any computer with an internet connection and follow the prompts to create an account and connect to your mixer. From there you may set up your recording accessories, program sounds, manage settings, and start recording!

Connection Tips

The RodeCaster pro connects to a variety of devices, from your phone to a laptop and even to speakers. Here is a brief overview of the intuitive connectivity options you have with the RodeCaster Pro.

Sound Inputs and Outputs

To connect your microphone, plug it into one of four XLR input ports on your mixer. You can connect your headphones using one of the four headphone output ports as well. Finally, connect your RodeCaster Pro to speakers using its dual speaker outputs.

Connect to Your Computer

To connect to a computer or other device with a USB port, you’ll need to use a USB cable. The Rodecaster Pro comes with a 1-meter long USB cable for connecting to computers and other devices with a USB port.

Connect to Your Phone

With a Bluetooth connection, you won’t have to worry about tangles or keeping your cables near your mixer. You can connect to your phone’s Bluetooth and sync up with the Rodecaster Pro system to make a wireless connection! You may also connect your phone using an AUX cord.

RodeCaster Instructions

Using the RodeCaster Pro interface is so intuitive you might not even need to look at the instructions. But, we’ll give a brief overview of the simple controls here.

Begin by setting up your connections on the back panel and turning on the roadmaster pro. The on/off switch is located on the back panel with the inputs. Then you may turn up the faders and headphone settings for channel 1. If you’re using multiple channels, you may set those during this step as well.

Microphone Settings

The LED screen at the top of the RODE interface allows you to select your microphone type and adjust the gain for you and any podcast guests. But, you can also take advantage of the RodeCaster Pro’s advanced audio and processing features through this interface.

Navigate the menu to access the RodeCaster’s filters, adjust the noise gate, de-esser, and audio compressor. You can also access the Aural exciter to create unparalleled detail and clarity in your recording or the Big Bottom feature to enhance the lower tones and bass.

Return to the home screen to monitor your audio levels and balance as you begin recording. Locate the record button to the left of the LED interface. Press the button down to start recording. You may press it again to pause or end your session at any time.

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RODEcaster Pro 2

Being that the RODEcaster Pro 2 is now out, it’s only natural that we would update this post. So read below to check out the skinny on the Rodecaster Pro 2. There are some additional features you’ll want to know about.

FeatureRODECaster ProRODECaster Pro 2
Micr Inputs4 mic inputs4 combo XLR/TRS jacks
CallsTRRS mini jack for recording callsDual USB-C interfaces for connecting mobile devices
PreampsStandard preamps, external devices like Cloudlifter may be neededImproved preamps, no need for external devices
SizeLarger with 8 physical fadersSmaller with 6 physical faders and 3 virtual ones
Pads8 standard pads for triggering sounds8 SMART Pads for triggering sounds, activating voice effects, sending midi commands, and automating levels
Voice FXStandard APHEX audio processingImproved APHEX audio processing with more granular control and funny voice presets
PriceCheaperApproximately $200 more than the original model

Mic Inputs

Both editions offer four mic inputs, though the later iteration features combo XLR/TRS ports. This addition allows for the hassle-free hookup of musical instruments In theory, with the RODECaster Pro 2, you can hook up guitars, keyboards, drum machines, and any additional audio gear with a 1/4″ connection.

What would you use this for?

You may want to lay down some original music for your podcast or record some jingles. You can now have at it.

Recording Calls

Despite both editions providing Bluetooth for smartphone pairing, the original model included a TRRS mini-jack handy for call recording. TRRS jacks are outdated. So, RODE added a USB -C port for a wired smartphone connection.

Amplified Preamps

The RODECaster Pro 2 has enhanced preamps. Users will now have no problem getting good signals from the quietest dynamic microphones. These babies have 76db of gain.


By eliminating two faders, the RODECaster Pro 2 manages to be a few inches smaller than its predecessor. This downsizing was primarily accomplished by subtracting some physical faders, with the new model possessing 6 instead of 8. In addition, the Pro 2 added virtual faders.

Revamped SMART Pads

The predecessor had 8 pads for triggering sound effects and theme music, among other uses. In the RODECaster Pro 2, these pads have been upgraded to “SMART” Pads, enabling voice effects activation, midi commands sending, levels automation, and more.

Advanced Voice Processing The RODECaster Pro 2 boasts enhanced APHEX audio processing and built-in effects, providing more detailed control. You’ll even find amusing voice presets should you want to play around.

RODECaster Pro 2 vs Original RODECaster Pro

The RODECaster Pro 2 isn’t merely a podcasters’ tool but a device filled with features. While the new model faced initial criticisms, so did the older one. It’s foreseeable that RODE will continue to refine its product through firmware updates over time.

Start Your Podcast Today!

As you can see, the RodeCaster Pro makes it easy and fast to start your own podcast. All you have to do is open the box and start recording to turn your dream into a career.

But, podcasting is more than recording and mixing. If you need help, editing, launching, or even marketing your podcast, The Podcast Haven has you covered. With tons of podcasting services and on-site mobile recording studios in Los Angeles, our attentive experts can help you take your podcast to the next level.

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