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8 Essentials for Creating Quality Podcasts

In the amazing futuristic world we live in, you can record and publish podcasts with your smartphone. You can record podcasts on your phone and the quality will be decent. Make no mistakes about it, the emphasis of a great podcast is quality sound. We’re here to let you know everything you need to create a great podcast. We’re talking professional quality podcasts. You don’t need an elaborate professional studio, so what do you need?

1. A Quiet Place

Let’s start with the basics. You don’t have to record in a professional studio, but you do need to record in a quiet place. Any background noise your recording picks up diminishes the quality of your podcast. Barking dogs, crying babies, and honking horns are not good. What do you do if you can’t afford a professional studio? Do the best you can. Find the quietest place you can. Preferably a small room with no windows. A closet is ideal.

2. Recording Device & Software

Your recording device can be your phone, but for better quality it should be your computer. You will need some editing software as well. A quick Google search will reveal there are lots of options available for editing software, you don’t need to break the bank if you are just beginning. If you are looking to jump start your podcast to publication with a professional package, you can get experienced help from services offered by The Podcast Haven.

3. A Good Microphone

The one point we want to hammer home above all others, is sound quality is the key to a great podcast. Podcast listeners have little tolerance for poor sound quality. Sound quality starts with a good microphone. You don’t need a professional microphone, but you do need a good quality microphone. There are many great microphone options for less than $100.

4. Headphones

A good set of headphones are necessary as well. Headphones are not just important to hear yourself and your guests clearly, but for monitoring your recording for static, loudness or other sound issues. Hearing your recording clearly will help you to record clearly. Making clear recordings will save time in editing and help you to produce great podcasts.

5. Pop Filters

What is a pop filter and why is it important? A pop filter is basically a screen which goes between your mouth and the microphone. It eliminates or at least greatly reduces the blowing sound created by certain letters. It specifically helps with the popping sounds of “P,” “B,” and the hissing sound of “S.” Pop filters are inexpensive and necessary tools for recording great podcasts.

6. Boom Arm

A boom arm is a microphone stand with an adjustable arm. What does it do? It holds the microphone in place where you want it. Talking into a microphone on a boom makes you feel like a professional podcaster, but more importantly it allows you to keep the microphone a consistent distance from your mouth, allowing for a more consistent sound. It also keeps your arms from getting tired holding a microphone for the duration of a long podcast. It only takes a couple of hour-long podcasts for you to realize the value of a boom arm.

7. Remote Interview Platform

Remote interviews are a part of the podcast world. You just can’t limit yourself to interviewing people who are available to come to your studio. Having a platform such as Skype or Zencastr is necessary to integrate long distance interviews into your podcast. Click here to find out more about remote interview options.

8. Podcast Accounts

What is the point of a great podcast if you don’t publish it? Once you’ve created your great podcast you will need an account with iTunes and other platforms which make podcasts available to the public. These are generally free but be careful when you start out. For the best success you want your podcast to come out with a bang. That’s where The Podcast Haven or other websites can help you to put together a complete package to maximize your exposure and accelerate results.

Listed above is everything you will need to create a great podcast. Following the list above you can create podcasts with quality sound, and quality sound is the key to professional quality podcasts.