Never Write Podcast Show Notes Again With Capsho – EP 35

Hate writing show notes? Me too. In this episode, I’m breaking down how I use Capsho to generate the show notes for Clipped. Capsho is an AI copywriting software for podcasters. To get started using it, simply upload your audio file. Then Capsho will get to work generating marketing copy for your podcast. Capsho’s AI only takes 10 minutes to start pumping out content for an episode.

Capsho’s Features

  • Episode Titles

  • Show Notes

  • Transcriptions

  • Social Media Captions

  • Email Marketing Copy

  • Blog Posts

  • LinkedIn Articles

  • Episode Quotes

  • YouTube Descriptions

I mainly use Capsho to speed up my writing workflow and assist me in coming up with ideas for my show notes and episode titles. In addition, I also use Capsho’s transcriptions, email marketing copy, and blog posts.

Capsho Tips

It’s important to take the copy that’s generated and add your secret sauce to it. This is the case with any AI copywriting software. Do not copy-paste what Capsho generates for you. Google knows the difference between AI-generated copy and human-written copy. It could harm your podcast and website ranking if you copy things verbatim. Plus it won’t sound natural, and won’t sound like you. People listen to your podcast because they like YOU. Keep it that way.

Capsho is a tool. Take what it gives you and get to work personalizing it. Make edits, and put things in your own voice, vibe, and style. Additionally, check that the copy Capsho is generating is accurate.

With a little practice, you can start using Capsho to accelerate and improve your podcast marketing machine.

In This Episode, You Will Learn The Following

1. Discover how to turn your podcast episode into multiple pieces of written content with AI-powered copywriting tool, Capsho

2. The importance of adding your own voice to AI-generated copy

3. Find out how to create an email marketing campaign that generates a high click-through rate


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