Episode 3 – Utilizing The Six Podcast Show Formats

This week, Eric will be talking about podcast show formats, and why it’s vital to keep some structure from episode to episode, so your audience knows what to expect. He explores the six main types of podcast formats and what kind of content they work best for. Eric also gives some examples of which topics match which formats, from educational to thought leadership, or comedy.

EP 3 Transcript


“It’s almost like you’re building this connection and your audiences expect a certain feeling or emotion or expects to learn something from you every episode.” – Eric Montgomery

“What’s cool is that if you did gain some traction with a scripted podcast, the chances of turning that into a TV show are a lot greater.” – Eric Montgomery

“For the most part, you’ve got to stick to a format — you don’t want to confuse your listeners.” – Eric Montgomery

Episode Highlights

  • How your show format helps build a connection with your audience
  • What a roundtable format is, and when it works best
  • How to use humor in your podcast
  • Ways you could leverage a solocast format to attract listeners
  • Why personality has a big part to play in your show format
  • Why narrative or storytelling podcasts often take a lot of time, money, and staff
  • What a scripted podcast is and how it could help aspiring scriptwriters

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