Audiograms and Social Media to Promote Podcasts

Using Audiograms to Promote Podcasts

Audiograms are undoubtedly one of the best ways to promote podcasts. An audiogram is a snippet of audio, embedded into a social media post. They’re designed with animated audio waves that move in sync with your audio clip. They also have captions. Captions are important because the majority of people scroll through their social media feeds while on silent mode.

The idea is that using an enticing audio clip with well-designed art, will draw potential audience members in, and encourage them to check out your podcast or other offerings.

According to Buzzsprout audiograms outperform images by 58% and links by 83%, on Facebook.

Have You Been Trying to Promote Your Podcast But Keep Falling Short?

Here is a scenario, followed by a question. You are at work. It’s busy with lots of voices, and milling about. You have a few free moments while waiting for one item or another to come to your attention, so you take the time to browse through social media.

Your screen is all visual, no audio, not that you would be able to hear it if you turned your speakers up to full volume. So, you rely on what you can see.

If you see a podcaster post about their show with a static image and plain black and white text, chances are you will scroll right past it, right? Unless you are BORING.

But what if you saw a colorful image with moving text and a moving waveform? Something more like a video.

These two posts state the exact same textual information, yet one is dull and nondescript while the other, has captions in a cool font/color, and has a moving waveform or progress bar.

Which are you more apt to remember or even click on? Likely the rad one, the audiogram.

If you’re in your office and you’re not using silent mode, you’ll undoubtedly be even more intrigued because you’ll be able to hear the audio clip, see the moving art, AND read along.

Beaking Through Audio Only Content Barriers

Podcasting has benefits and barriers, like any type of virtual creation, and the most obvious element that impedes podcasting is the lack of visual cues. It’s difficult to promote individual episodes or clips on social media outlets that, more frequently than not, rely on visual images these days. But, when it comes to marketing your message, you have ways to overcome these roadblocks, that’s where Audiograms come in.

 The 3 Best Websites To Create Audiograms


With Wavve you can take audio clips and transform them into videos for social media. Video has a higher engagement rate than audio, so creating audiograms needs to be an important part of your podcast’s marketing strategy.

Keep in mind that when we say “video” we mean a still image with a moving waveform and moving captions.

How To Use Wavve

Upload your already edited audio file (mp3, mp4, m4a, wav, and other standard audio files). Or, trim your audio with the built-in wav editor, within the website.

Yes, it’s THAT easy

Wavve Features

Wavve has a lot of cool waveform animations that move in sync with your audio. You can customize these to match your online branding. If moving waveforms aren’t your thing, add a progress/timer animation to show viewers how long the video is.

The drag and drop design editor allows you to easily upload custom images, or your logo, using the in-browser editor.

After you’ve made your design, make sure you transcribe it with Wavve’s transcription tool. Once transcribed you’ll want to add captions to your video.

Wavve Templates

With Wavve you can create a design from scratch, or, use one of their customizable templates. There’s a variety of moving waveforms to choose from, tons of different font options, and all the colors you’ll ever need. This makes it easy to personalize your design.

The Type Of Customizable Templates

  • Cover Art – Great for showing off your podcasts’ cover art. It leaves room for captions or a waveform at the bottom
  • The Interview – Best for including a headshot of your guest
  • Square Magazine Cover – Great for designing eye-catching Instagram designs
  • Vertical Magazine Cover – Great for making your IG stories stand out
  • Color Pop – Dive into your color palette and create something for Facebook

If you’re going the design from scratch route, you can choose the dimensions of the post you want to create.

  • Square posts for Instagram or Facebook
  • Vertical posts for IG Stories, Tiktok, or Snap
  • Horizontal posts for Youtube or LinkedIn


  • Creator Package – $12.99 a month for 30 minutes of content
  • Influencer Package – $19.99 a month for 60 minutes of content
  • Agency Package – $32.99 a month for 300 minutes of content

The Wavve client list is extensive. ESPN, NPR, Red Bull, PBS, and other large companies and podcasters use Wavve to create their audiograms.

Get Audiogram

Another great website for creating Audiograms is Get Audiogram offers its users a vast catalog of ready-to-use images that can be layered with text and audio.

Using Get Audiogram

One cool thing about Get Audiogram is that you find your podcast by typing it in the search bar. It then pops up and you can use the built-in waveform editor to select a clip. If you’re not into using their built-in system, you can always upload your own audio file to use.

Once you’ve approved the audio snippet you want to use, Get Audiogram will get to work transcribing your file, for your captions.


Get Audiogram has 4 template categories. All these templates have layers that can be added and removed. You can also upload your own images.

The following templates can be designed in Square, Landscape, and Vertical sizes

  • Motion Templates – Subtle motion for keeping viewers engaged
  • Guest Templates – An excellent way to feature a guest
  • Standard Templates – A good fit for using your podcasts’ cover art
  • Premium Templates – Perfect for crafting something really artistic and custom


  • Free Version – Two, 60-second videos a month that are watermarked
  • Pro Version – $19 a month with access to create 15 videos a month.
  • Elite Version – $29 a month with access to create 30 videos a month. This option is great for agencies.


Headliner makes it super easy to promote your podcast across social media. Whether you’re looking to create a short 15-second clip for Instagram Stories or a full-fledged video for YouTube, Headliner has you covered. That’s right, with Headliner, you can upload video files.


Headliner has a lot of the same design templates and layouts that Wavve and Get Audiogram have.

However, one feature that makes Headliner stand out is that you can upload video files and create videograms.

Headliner’s Best Features

  • Full Episode Videos – Publish your entire podcast to YouTube
  • Unlimited Videos – Create as many videos as you want, across all your social media channels
  • Audio Transcription – Automatically add captions, which increases accessibility and engagement
  • Video Transcription – Headliner can also transcribe from video files
  • Full HD exporting – Export videos in 1080p
  • Auto-Publishing – Automatic publishing to your social channels


  • Forever Free – $0 a month, with 10 minutes of transcription and 5 videos per month
  • Basic – $7.99 a month, with unlimited transcription and 10 videos a month
  • Pro – $19.99 a month, with unlimited transcription and unlimited videos

Headliner Clients

The Headliner clients list is long. They boast some of the biggest podcast players in the game, including, Wondery, The Tim Ferris Show, CNN, The BBC, Radiotopia, SiriusXM and more.

Audiograms As Part of Your Overall Content Strategy

Marketing strategies may be the end to our last pillar, but in no way should you think them any less important to the entire process of making your podcast a success. Taking the time to plan, produce and market your podcast will pay off in many ways for you and your listeners.

If you are still feeling overwhelmed by any of the processes, or need help in a specific area Podcast Haven can assist you in a variety of areas, from items like Audiograms and marketing to transcription and show notes. If you have any questions or need help drop us a line and we will be glad to offer you further guidance into strengthening your four pillars and getting your podcast up off the ground floor and running strong.

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