Epidemic Sound: The Best Royalty-Free Music Library For Content Creators

To show some of Epidemic Sound's music and SFX categories

It’s the little extras that can really make or break the production of your podcast. Your show might sound fantastic already, with interesting content and excellent audio quality, but elements like killer intro music or incidental SFX can make a huge difference. But finding high-quality music and audio to use for these purposes can be…

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Gain vs Volume: Nailing Microphone Levels For Better Podcasts

Demonstrating gain vs volume on a Focusrite 2i2 Scarlett audio interface

When recording your podcast, do you ever find yourself cranking up your volume to rock concert levels only to realize your podcast sounds more like a whispered secret? If this is you, perhaps you don’t understand gain vs volume conundrum. This can be a confusing concept for podcasters. So, in this post we’re teaching you…

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Unpacking Podcast Jobs: Key Roles Explained

the purpose of this is to show someone in pursuit of podcast jobs

From true crime to self-help advice and everything in between, podcasts have become a staple in the lives of millions. While the focus is often on the charismatic hosts and engaging content, behind the scenes, there exists a thriving ecosystem of professionals who play pivotal roles in bringing these shows to life and ensuring their…

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Best Studio Desk For Content Creators: Our Favorites

Finding the right studio desk is incredibly important. No matter what type of content you create, the comfort and practicality of your desk could be the making of you. If you have a creative job and you spend a lot of time at your desk, it will be essential to create a space that you…

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Podcast Mic Stand: Our Best Of List

to show what a mic podcast stand looks like. This is a typical desktop mic stand that a podcaster would use.

When podcasting, one piece of equipment swiftly stands out as essential: the podcast mic stand. But why exactly is this tool a must-have for any podcaster? Well, the reasons are plentiful and compelling. Firstly, embracing a microphone stand means embracing freedom. Picture this: you’re deep into recording a captivating episode, your thoughts flowing freely. With…

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Best Podcast Equipment For 2024

It’s easy to go down the rabbit hole searching for the best podcast equipment. There are tons of equipment options available for all levels of podcasters. Where does one begin? Well, it depends on your needs and level of expertise. There’s affordable equipment suited for people just starting their podcast journey, as well as expensive…

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Podcast Tips For 2024

The purpose of this image is to show audio engineers and podcast producers researching current podcast tips.

If you’re considering starting your own podcast in 2024, you’re embarking on an exciting journey into the realm of digital content creation. However, as with any venture, there are challenges and pitfalls to navigate along the way. Thus, we decided to make a list of our favorite podcast tips for 2024. You’ve likely found your…

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Best USB Microphones

best usb microphones

The best USB microphones can be hard to find whether you are a beginner or veteran streamer or just looking for something new. After only a few podcasts, live streams or video productions, you realize the built-in mics just aren’t enough, and you need something new for great content. To raise your game in the…

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How Much Does It Cost To Start a Podcast?

a guy contemplating the questions: how much it costs to start a podcast? He's at a desk with microphone, and a though bubble of money signs. The picture is mainly earth tones.

How much does it cost to start a podcast? There’s sentiment out there that starting a podcast is an inexpensive. While this CAN be true, the costs of starting a podcast can quickly rack up. So, how much does it cost to start a podcast? Well, it depends. Are you looking to chit chat with…

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How To Get The Best Lighting for YouTube Videos

a sample of a 3 point lighting system. this is an advanced lighting technique that can be used for lighting youtube videos

When it comes to creating standout content on YouTube, lighting isn’t just a detail—it’s a star player. It’s the difference between a video that’s merely watchable and one that captures and holds attention, conveying professionalism and quality. For aspiring YouTube creators and vets alike, understanding and conquering the art of lighting is crucial. This article…

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