Shure MV7 Review: Why This Hybrid Mic is Ideal for Intermediate Podcasters

the shure mv7 in all it's glory

The Shure MV7 is a innovative hybrid USB and XLR microphone designed specifically with podcasters and content creators in mind. This versatile mic allows for both USB and XLR connectivity, giving podcasters the flexibility to use it for a variety of recording setups. With its sleek all-metal, black design and touch panel controls, the MV7…

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Ambisonic Audio: The Future of Immersive Podcasts

people at a rave experiencing ambisonic audio. The colors are psychedelic and there's a person with headphones staring into the abyss surrounded by a big crowd.

From a specialized hobby to a media juggernaut, podcasting is breaking new ground with immersive technologies like ambisonic audio. This emerging tech offers a spherical, surround sound experience, adding new layers of creativity to audio content. However, it comes with its own set of production challenges. In this detailed guide, we’ll examine both the exciting…

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Podcasting on YouTube: Tips For Embracing Video Podcasts

In recent times, the podcasting realm has seen a buzz growing around the concept of podcasting on YouTube. The discourse has been diverse yet seems to be gravitating towards a collective viewpoint – it’s time to embrace YouTube, and perhaps, it’s time to embrace video. Now, this transition might make the audio aficionados among us…

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Rode Wireless Go 2 vs Rode Wireless Pro

Today, we’re sizing up two giants in the audio game: Rode Wireless Go 2 vs Rode Wireless Pro. Both mics offer a blend of top-tier sound and user-friendly convenience, making them ideal for content creators who want the best of both worlds. But when it comes to the nitty-gritty, which one stands out? Stick around,…

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Supercast: Redefining Podcast Monetization

the word supercast spelled out in navy blue with a white background

Want to turn your podcast episodes into exclusive gold mines? Dive into Supercast, a leading podcast subscription service that’s changing the way podcasters connect with their audience. Designed specifically for podcasters, Supercast is more than just a platform—it’s a tool that empowers content creators to unlock new revenue streams and grow their listener base. Essentially,…

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What Are Private Podcasts?

an old red door with a blue and white sign that says private. this is to indicate that to get access to a private podcast you have to go through a door that you need special access to.

Shaking up the podcasting scene, private podcasts are the latest trend you can’t ignore Unlike their public counterparts, these exclusive audio files are shared only with a select group, often within a company or organization. Whether it’s for internal communication within an organization, delivering paid or members-only content, or even for personal or confidential purposes,…

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Solo Episodes vs. Interview Episodes

Hey Poddy People! When it comes to podcasting, one of the most crucial decisions you’ll make is choosing your podcast format. Today, we’re diving deep into solo episodes vs. interview episodes. This topic is especially close to our heart, as we’ve experimented with both formats on our flagship podcast, Clipped. So, let’s get into it…

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How To Get Podcast Sponsors

On your mission to monetize your podcast, one of the concepts you’ll come across is ‘podcast sponsors’. These aren’t just buzzwords. Podcast sponsorships are a key component of podcast monetization, transforming your passion project into a revenue-generating platform. But what exactly does it entail? How does it benefit both podcasters and sponsors? And most importantly,…

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Best Podcast Webcams For Recording Video Podcasts

A webcam setup for a podcast

Poddy People, have you ever wondered how using a webcam could elevate your podcast? Let’s face it: in today’s saturated content landscape, audio alone won’t cut it. You’re not just vying for ears; you’re competing for eyeballs too, against giants like YouTube, TikTok, and Instagram Reels. That’s where video comes into play, leveling up your…

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8 Common Podcast Mistakes To Avoid for Long-Term Success

In this article, we’re talking about common podcast mistakes that can easily be avoided. Steering clear of these pitfalls not only elevates the quality of your show but also puts you in a better position to achieve long-term success with your show. Avoiding These Mistakes is Critical Let’s face it, podcasting is an art, but…

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