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The Blue Yeti Microphone Sucks for Podcasting

By admin | November 5, 2021

It happens all the time. You’re new to podcasting and you saw your favorite influencer using a Blue Yeti microphone. You thought, “Wow! That microphone looks rad!” I don’t blame you. Most Blue Yeti microphones look really cool. They’ve got this vintage looking feel, wrapped with muted colors and come…

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Acoustic Treatment Fundamentals for Podcast Recording

By admin | November 3, 2021

Have you soundproofed your podcast studio yet? Let’s try a little experiment, shall we? Go into a room, any room, close the door, close the windows, the closet or any other opened spaces, and yell. The words don’t really matter, heck you can sing the alphabet if you’d like, just…

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Various podcast microphones

Choosing the Best Podcast Microphone

By admin | October 27, 2021

Testing 1, 2, 3. Is this thing on? Welcome to the start of podcast production. Today, we’re discussing podcast microphone attributes. I’ll be your host for the second pillar of our podcasting journey. Can everyone hear me? For the next several weeks we will be talking about production and the…

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Why Consistency in Podcast Format and Style Is Key - The Podcast Haven

Why Consistency in Podcast Format and Style Is Key

By admin | October 20, 2021

Stop! Don’t leave, you are at the right blog. I know right about now you are scratching your head, looking at the photo, and thinking to yourself. “Huh… How does… I thought this was… Wait, did I eat breakfast?” Trust me you are where you intended to be. Welcome to…

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The Perfect Podcast Episode Length and Publishing Schedule

By admin | October 13, 2021

Look at that, you have arrived in the nick of time. This is the last element of your podcast’s pre-production. When you have done this final segment, you will have built the first pillar to a strong, successful podcast. Congratulations! You’ve got all your base elements, and like the star…

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Naming Your Podcast: What’s in a Name?

By admin | October 6, 2021

Your podcast is your baby, and as every parent knows, you have to give your baby a name. Otherwise how will people know what to call them when they are boasting and bragging about how awesome they are? If you want your podcast to be known, naming your podcast is…

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Picking Your Podcast’s Unique Niche - The Podcast Haven

Picking Your Podcast’s Unique Niche

By admin | September 29, 2021

You’ve got your ‘why’. Now it’s time to pick your niche. Which is preferred to picking your…nevermind – let’s just move ahead. Remember we previously discussed where your ‘why’ would fit? This place is called your niche, and it’s unique to you, and your podcast. With so many available podcasts…

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Give Your Podcast Direction By Defining Your ‘Why’ Before You Get Started - The Podcast Haven

Give Your Podcast Direction By Defining Your ‘Why’ Before You Get Started

By podcast | September 22, 2021

Congratulations, you have decided to create a podcast. No doubt you are excited to get started, dive right in, but have you done any planning? Who is your target audience? What platform are you using? Why do you want to make a podcast, and what will it be about? So…

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Remote Podcast Recording Via Zoom

By podcast | March 28, 2020

Remote podcast recording via Zoom is fairly straightforward and you can likely get up and running without any instruction. But, as a podcaster you’re going to want the best audio and video quality. You’re not going to want to use the generic settings Zoom has in place for work meetings…

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gik acoustic panels

Acoustic Treatment For Your Podcast Studio

By admin | March 14, 2020

So, you’ve got your dynamic microphones and you’ve done a few practice runs. You listen back and notice some reflections and slap backs in your audio. Dynamic mics are great for minimizing this, but they can’t do all the work. Your room’s acoustics also play a significant role. If your…

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