How To Edit a Podcast

demonstrating how to edit a podcast in ProTools

In the world of podcasting, the magic often happens behind the scenes. As seasoned podcast producers, we’ve learned that the difference between a good podcast and a great one often lies in mastering the art of how to edit a podcast. It’s in the editing process where raw recordings are transformed into engaging narratives, where…

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Advanced Podcast Editing Tips

Advanced Podcast Editing Tips - The Podcast Haven

You will always need to do some podcast editing to remove stutters, gaps, gaffs, and outright mistakes. We believe podcasts should be clean and polished. We also believe in making people sound as smart as they really are. To achieve this, The Podcast Haven editors are always advancing their podcast editing skills for staying current…

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Online Tools for Basic Podcast Editing

So you’re not ready to invest in a digital audio workspace of your own at this point in time, or perhaps you aren’t comfortable enough with the one you bought. Understandable, everyone works in their own time and within their own budget. Fear not, if you are saving your dimes and nickels and your piggy…

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