to show what a mic podcast stand looks like. This is a typical desktop mic stand that a podcaster would use.

Podcast Mic Stand: Our Best Of List

When podcasting, one piece of equipment swiftly stands out as essential: the podcast mic stand.

But why exactly is this tool a must-have for any podcaster?

Well, the reasons are plentiful and compelling. Firstly, embracing a microphone stand means embracing freedom.

Picture this: you’re deep into recording a captivating episode, your thoughts flowing freely.

With a mic stand, your hands are liberated, allowing you to navigate through notes on your computer, delve into on-the-spot research, and gesture passionately as you make your point.

The alternative?

Wrestling with a handheld mic, which not only demands one of your hands constantly but also introduces a host of unwanted sounds—cable jiggles, handling noise, and the inevitable drift of the mic away from your mouth.

A mic stand, on the other hand, positions your microphone perfectly—steadfast and ready, just inches from your mouth, ensuring that your voice is captured clearly and consistently, no matter the episode’s length or intensity.

This setup eliminates the worry of noise from repositioning the mic, allowing you to sip a drink, scroll through pages, or simply relax your hands without compromising audio quality.

In essence, a podcast mic stand isn’t just a tool; it’s your podcasting ally. It allows you to focus on creating great content without worrying about sound quality.

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Types Of Podcast Mic Stands

Desktop Mic Stands

First up, we have the desktop or tabletop stand.

This type is designed to sit comfortably on your desk or table. It’s the go-to choice for podcasters looking for a compact and lightweight solution.

These stands can come in various forms—some feature a tripod design with three legs for stability, while others boast a single, sturdy base.

The appeal of desktop stands lies in their portability, making them perfect companions for the podcaster on the go.

turning the manfrotto mini tripod into a desktop mic stand

Whether you opt for a straightforward vertical stand or a desktop boom arm variant, these stands are made to fit snugly in smaller spaces, ensuring your setup remains uncluttered and efficient.

Boom Arms

Next, we introduce the boom arm stand—a favorite among podcasters for its versatility and functionality.

This type clamps onto the edge of your desk, extending out via an adjustable arm that can be positioned precisely. Often, these arms can rotate 360 degrees and adjust vertically, allowing you to bring the microphone right to your mouth with minimal effort.

Boom arms are celebrated for their ability to remain quietly in place, offering seamless movement and the convenience of swinging the mic out of the way when not in use.

to show a microphone boom arm, which is a common form of mic stand that a podcaster would use

Attached firmly to your workspace, they’re a permanent fixture that promises both stability and flexibility.

Standard Mic Stands

Lastly, we have the full-size stand, reminiscent of what you might see on stage during a live performance. These stands can either stand tall on three legs (tripod style) or rely on a solid base, and many include a boom arm for extended reach and flexibility.

While they are versatile for various recording environments, they’re particularly suited for scenarios where you might be sitting on a couch, in a chair away from a desk, or when standing.

traditional or full size mic stands

The boom arm allows you to position the microphone optimally—angled right in front of you without the stand itself intruding into your recording space.

Though less common for desk-based setups due to their size, full-size stands offer unparalleled adaptability for recordings that require you to move around or capture a more dynamic interaction.

How To Choose a Podcast Mic Stand

Choosing the right mic stand is about matching your podcasting activities with the practicalities of your recording environment.

Whether you’re tethered to your desk with scripted notes, roaming freely as you articulate your thoughts, or setting up a professional studio vibe, there’s a mic stand designed to meet your needs.

With this groundwork laid, let’s explore the best podcast mic stands of 2024, each offering unique benefits to enhance your podcast production experience.

Top Desktop Podcast Mic Stands

When setting up your podcasting workspace, the right desktop or tabletop mic stand can make all the difference in both audio quality and comfort. Here’s a closer look at three top contenders in the “podcast mic stand” category, each bringing something unique to the table.

Gator Frameworks Weighted Base Mic Stand

The Gator Frameworks Short Weighted Base Mic Stand stands out for its robust construction and unwavering stability. Its heavy weighted base ensures it stays anchored, even if you accidentally bump it during recording.

Gator Frameworks Short Weighted Base Microphone Stand with Soft Grip Twist Clutch, Boom arm, and both 3/8" and 5/8" Mounts; Base Dimensions - 4.5" X 8" (GFW-MIC-0821)

Gator Frameworks Short Weighted Base Microphone Stand with Soft Grip Twist Clutch

The stand features a layer of rubber protection on the base, safeguarding your desk from scratches or damage. Despite its heft, which is actually a plus for stability, it maintains a compact profile, allowing ample space for your computer and other podcasting essentials.

The boom arm is a highlight, offering adjustability and reach to position the microphone exactly where you need it—right in front of you, without fear of tipping over.

Manfrotto PIXI Mini Tripod

The Manfrotto PIXI Mini Tripod, may not be a traditional “podcast mic stand,” but its adaptability for podcasters is undeniable. Lightweight and ultra-portable, this mini tripod is a dream for podcasters on the go.

Its 360-degree ball joint allows for precise mic positioning, ensuring your audio is always on point.

Although it stands at just about eight inches tall, a minor setback that can be easily remedied by elevating it on books or a platform, its build quality and versatility make it a favorite.

Manfrotto MTPIXIMII-B, PIXI Mini Tripod with Handgrip for Compact System Cameras, for DSLR, Mirrorless, Video, Made in Italy, Technopolymer and Aluminum, Black

Manfrotto MTPIXIMII-B, PIXI Mini Tripod with Handgrip

Manfrotto’s reputation for durability and design shines through, making this mini tripod a clever, albeit unconventional, choice for podcasters seeking flexibility and reliability.

OnStage DS7200B Desktop Mic Stand

The OnStage DS7200B Adjustable Desktop Microphone Stand is the quintessential “all-rounder” in the world of podcast mic stands. Its circular base is compact, saving valuable desk space without sacrificing stability.

OnStage DS7200B Adjustable Desktop Microphone Stand, Black


OnStage DS7200B Adjustable Desktop Microphone Stand, Black

Renowned for its quality in the microphone stand market, OnStage delivers a product that is both height-adjustable and straightforward, offering a no-fuss solution for podcasters.

Although it lacks a boom arm, its adjustability in height makes it versatile enough to suit most podcasting needs, ensuring your mic is always positioned optimally for clear, consistent audio capture.

Best Boom Arms For Podcasters

Rode PSA1

The Rode PSA1 is a quintessential choice for podcasters seeking a blend of reliability and ease of use. This boom arm clamps securely to your desk without the need for screws, simplifying setup.

RODE PSA1 Swivel Mount Studio Microphone Boom Arm

RODE PSA1 Swivel Mount Studio Microphone Boom Arm

Its 360-degree swivel capability ensures that you can position the mic precisely where you need it, whether sitting or standing.

The Rode PSA1 also features a pathway for cable management, although cables may be visible unless you opt for the neoprene wrap accessory.

Lightweight yet sturdy, this boom arm is a popular choice for its quiet operation and the ability to keep the mic positioned perfectly in front of you.

Elgato Mic Arm

Elgato steps into the spotlight with its innovative mic arm, designed to keep cables out of sight with a built-in pathway for XLR or USB cables.

Offering both high-rise and low-profile models, this arm caters to a variety of podcasting and gaming setups, including those with video components.

Elgato Wave:3 Microphone with Mic Arm Low Profile, Fully Adjustable with Cable Management Channel, perfect for Podcast, Streaming, Gaming, Home Office, Free Mixer Software, Plug & Play for Mac, PC

Elgato Wave:3 Microphone with Mic Arm Low Profile, Fully Adjustable with Cable Management Channel

The arm extends up to 29.5 inches vertically, allowing for placement over monitors if necessary. Elgato’s commitment to quality is evident in the arm’s fully adjustable ball head and swivel base, providing unparalleled flexibility and reach without leaving marks on your desk.

Gator Frameworks Boom Arm

Endorsed by podcasting professionals like Joe Rogan, the Gator Frameworks Boom Arm is a testament to studio-grade quality.

Available in multiple series (with the 3000 and 4000 series highlighted here), this arm features a unique tubular design that not only hides cables but also minimizes rotation noise.

Gator Frameworks Deluxe Desk-Mounted Broadcast Microphone Boom Stand For Podcasts & Recording, Integrated XLR Cable (GFWBCBM3000), Black


Gator Frameworks Deluxe Desk-Mounted Broadcast Microphone Boom Stand For Podcasts & Recording

Large adjuster knobs offer secure positioning, and the arm’s built-in LED light indicator adds a touch of customization, making it ideal for podcasters who want to show the world they’re “on air”.

This feature, along with its solid clamping mechanism, ensures your setup is both visually appealing and functionally superior.

FiFine Boom Arm

Emerging on the scene with promise, the FiFine Boom Arm offers a low-profile design that doesn’t skimp on functionality. Its cable management system and 360-degree extendable arm make it a versatile option for podcasters.

FIFINE Microphone Boom Arm, Low Profile Adjustable Stick Microphone Arm Stand with Desk Mount Clamp, Screw Adapter, Cable Management, for Podcast Streaming Gaming Studio-BM88

FIFINE Microphone Boom Arm, Low Profile Adjustable Stick Microphone Arm Stand with Desk Mount Clamp

The clamp fits desks of various thicknesses, ensuring a secure attachment without damaging your workspace. Available in white or black, the FiFine Boom Arm is not just about aesthetics but also about providing a reliable, noise-free experience.

With its growing popularity, this boom arm is poised to become a favorite among podcasting enthusiasts.

Is A Boom Arm Right For You?

These boom arm podcast mic stands each offer unique features: the Rode PSA1’s reliable performance, Elgato’s sleek cable management, Gator Frameworks’ customizable LED lighting, and FiFine’s growing market presence.

Choosing the right boom arm will depend on your specific needs, such as cable management preferences, desk space, and whether you’re integrating video into your podcasting endeavors.

Best Standard Mic Stands

The goStand

The goStand is a game-changer for podcasters and musicians alike, especially those who love minimalist setups. This stand collapses to a size so compact it can easily fit into a backpack.

goSTAND Portable Mic and Tablet Stand for Microphones, Tablets, and Accessories


goSTAND Portable Mic and Tablet Stand for Microphones, Tablets, and Accessories

Weighing in at less than 2.6 pounds and constructed from durable steel, it combines lightweight design with robust functionality.

Its tripod base ensures stability on various surfaces, making it ideal for both standing and seated recordings.

While it may lack a boom arm, its adaptability is further enhanced with a range of accessories, from laptop mounts to phone holders, catering to a broad spectrum of recording needs.

Whether you’re a roving podcaster or a gigging musician, the goStand’s ease of transport and setup makes it an exceptional choice.

OnStage Traditional Mic Stand

For those seeking reliability and simplicity, the OnStage Traditional Mic Stand is a tried-and-true option. This stand is a staple in the industry, known for its straightforward design and versatility.

On Stage MS9701TB Plus HD Tele Boom Mic Stand


On Stage MS9701TB Plus HD Tele Boom Mic Stand

Available with either tripod legs or a circular base, it caters to a wide array of preferences and settings. Its standard vertical configuration is perfect for podcasters who prefer a no-frills, dependable stand that can accommodate various recording environments.

Affordable and efficient, the OnStage stand is an “all-rounder” that promises to meet the basic needs of most podcasters, musicians, and content creators.

LyxPro SMT Pro Mic Stand

For podcasters who aim to keep their microphone discreetly out of the camera’s view, the LyxPro SMT-1 Professional Microphone Stand offers an innovative solution. Its towering height, reaching up to 93 inches, coupled with a boom arm, makes it ideal for overhead mic placements—similar to a boom operator on a film set.


LyxPro SMT-1 Professional Microphone Stand Heavy Duty 93” Studio Overhead Boom Stand 76” Extra Long Telescoping Arm Mount, Foldable Tripod Legs & Adjustable Counterweight


LyxPro SMT-1 Professional Microphone Stand Heavy Duty 93” Studio Overhead Boom Stand 76” Extra Long Telescoping Arm Mount

This stand excels in scenarios where the microphone needs to be positioned above the talent, capturing clear audio without the mic stand intruding into the visual frame. It’s well suited for YouTube videos, stand-up podcasts, or any situation requiring a mic to be completely out of sight.

Full Size Podcast Mic Stands

Each of these full-size mic stands serves a unique purpose in the podcasting toolkit. Selecting the right stand is crucial for achieving the perfect balance of quality, convenience, and visual appeal.

Best Podcast Mic Stand For You

Choosing the right podcast mic stand transforms your recording experience.

It’s about freedom.

A mic stand frees your hands, letting you multitask smoothly while avoiding unwanted noise. 

So, while conducting your mic stand search, make sure you factor in the different styles above. These will help you find a podcast mic stand that’s ideal for your needs.

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