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How Much Does It Cost To Start a Podcast?

How much does it cost to start a podcast? There’s sentiment out there that starting a podcast is an inexpensive. While this CAN be true, the costs of starting a podcast can quickly rack up.

So, how much does it cost to start a podcast? Well, it depends.

Are you looking to chit chat with your buddies in moms basement while drinking a couple cold ones? Or, do you head up a marketing department at a respectable company?

Are you handling all the production and post-production yourself, or are you outsourcing?

You’re probably looking for a concrete answer, but the truth is, it all depends.

However, in this post we’re aiming to approach this subject from a couple different angles. We’ll provide a low level, mid level and high-level cost approach to answer the question: How Much Does It Cost To Start a Podcast?

We’ll break down gear, distribution, website design and hosting, as well as the cost to outsource production and marketing.

Let’s give it a go.

Essential Podcasting Equipment

The cornerstone of any podcast is quality audio. Fortunately, now a days this is easy to achieve.

Podcast Microphones

For starters, you can get acceptable audio quality for around $70 with the Samson Q2U. To be perfectly honest, this is all you need if you’re bootstrapping your show.

The mic sounds solid and you can connect it via USB, which makes setting up the mic super easy.

However, if you’re looking to get better sounding audio there’s a ton of really good, and reputable podcast microphones in the $100-300 range.

Entry Level Microphones We Love

Audio-Technica ATR2100x USB  – Approximately $79
Samson Q2U – Approximately $69.99

Rode PodMic – Approximately – $199


A Mid Level Microphone We Love

Shure MV7 – Approximately $249

High End Podcast Microphones

Shure SM7B – Approximately $399
Electro Voice RE20 – Approximately $499

If you’re just starting out, you might not even be able to the difference between microphones. So, get something in your budget, but don’t blow your load on something fancy just because some podcast guru told you to.

So, how much do you need to budget for a podcast microphone?

Got your pen ready?

Call it, $70 – $500

Audio Interfaces

Now, if you’re not using a USB microphone, you’re going to need a way to plug your traditional XLR microphone into your computer. This is where an audio interface comes in.

Essentially, an audio interface is a box that you plug your microphone into that bridges your microphone to your computer.

It converts the analog signals from your microphone into digital data that your computer can understand, making it possible to record high-quality audio and use various software tools for editing and processing.

In any case, we wrote an article called, The Top 5 Audio Interfaces For Podcasters. Read it if you’d like to get more in depth info on audio interfaces.

But, for the sake of this post, an audio interface can run you approx. $140 – to several thousand dollars.

Some Great Audio Interfaces and Their Cost

Focusrite Scarlett Series – Starting at $159
Zoom PodTrak P4 – Approximately $149
RodeCaster Duo – Approximately $499

Headphones To Record and Edit

Good headphones are crucial for monitoring sound quality  The amount of people that don’t wear headphones when recording podcasts never ceases to amaze us.

YOU NEED TO LISTEN TO YOURSELF ON THE MIC. This way you can make adjustments in your tone, your positioning in relation to the microphone, adjust your speech for mouth clicks, unevenness, plosives, and more.

Additionally, it really helps to hear show guests in headphones so that you can focus in on the conversation. This is especially true if it’s a remote recording.

We know, we know, most online podcast recording platforms have echo cancellation, but if you’re not wearing headphones and you don’t have echo cancellation turned on.

You’re going to be in a world of hurt from the slap back coming through your computer speakers.

Podcast Headphones

Sony MDR 7560 – Approximately $99
Audio Technica M50X, M40X and M30X – Starting at $49
Shure SRH440A – Approximately $99

Beyerdynamic 770 Pro  – $169

As you can see, headphones will run you anywhere from $70 – 200.

So, which ones do you buy? It’s a little tricky because you kinda need to them on and try them out for two reasons. One, so you can hear how they sound, and two, because comfort is HUGE.

If you’re going to be wearing headphones for a long period of time, you want them to be comfortable. Our personal favorites are the Sony MDR 7506’s.

Cameras For Video Podcasts

If you decide to film your podcast, you’re going to need a respectable camera. Cameras can get expensive fast, but, there’s alway webcams. We actually have a great article on the Best Podcast Webcams.

If you’re not ready to take the leap and buy an actual camera, webcams are a great place to start.

However, if you’re looking at a traditional video camera, here are some solid choices:

Podcast Hosting and Distribution Cost

To get your podcast out into the world you need to sign for for a podcast host. Not a host as in a person who sits behind a microphone and hosts a show.

A host as in an online platform that provides storage, distribution, and various tools for individuals or organizations to publish and share their audio content.

Podcast hosts make your content accessible to listeners through podcast listening platforms like Apple and Spotify.

Some podcast hosting services are free, others can run $5 a month to over a hundred a month. Each hosting platform has various pricing levels, and some offer perks like free transcription, auto social media posting.

All of them will give you some level of data and provide you with the analytics of your show, i.e how many downloads each episode is getting, and listener demographics.

Podcast Hosts and Their Prices

How Much Do Podcast Websites Cost?

You’re in luck because there are a couple podcast website building platforms that can be set up in minutes. Essentially, they pull in all the information of your show and update with each new episode you publish.

So, when asking yourself how much does it cost to start a podcast? You’ll want to factor in website costs.


We use podcastpage.io for our flagship show, CLIPPED. It was extremely easy to set up. All you have to do is enter your RSS feed URL and some additional information and podcastpage will pull in all the info pertaining to your podcast.

Podcastpage integrates with Mailchimp, Google Analytics, Fusebox, Instagram and more. Then, you choose a layout, your color scheme, and BOOM, you’ve got yourself a website for your podcast.

Podcastpage packages range from $12-18


PodPage is another podcast website builder. With it, you can pull in all the information from your show via your RSS feed.

You've got to factor in the cost of a website when determining how much your podcast with cost.

You’ve got to factor in the cost of a website when determining how much your podcast with cost.

The service integrates with LinkedIn, Facebook, and more. Their tagline is “Build a Beautiful Podcast Website in 5 Minutes”

Podpage costs $12 – $39 a month.

Purchasing a Domain

Here’s a great article, How Much Does a Domain Really Cost in 2024? The short answer is that a domain can cost you as little as a few beers and as a much as a house.

Artwork Cost

On Fiverr, you can get artwork for your podcast for as little as a few bucks. While we can’t recommend Fiverr, it COULD work for you if you have little to no budget and you need cover art for your show.

CLIPPED podcast cover art. It's a blue background with black scissors cutting a wav form, as well as a picture of Eric Montgomery. When figuring out how much does it cost to start a podcast, cover art fees need to be added to the budget.

Our podcast

Legit branding and creative agencies can run you $300 +.

Spark Creative  and Studio Design charge $300. Mat Zivkovic also charges $300. Jenny H Design costs $500

Of course, there’s always Canva. With Canva you can design your own artwork for free. You don’t need graphic design skills. It’s web based, so you don’t have to download anything, and it’s extremely easy to use.

Podcast Marketing Costs

When it comes to podcast marketing, there’s a wide array of strategies and elements that can be employed to effectively promote your podcast.

These include crafting compelling episode titles and descriptions that grab potential listeners’ attention, utilizing eye-catching social media graphics/video clips, engaging with your audience on social media platforms to build a community.

As well as seeking out collaborations with other podcasters or influencers to expand your reach, optimizing your podcast for search engines through effective SEO practices, and exploring paid advertising options to target specific demographics.

Lastly, email marketing, guest appearances on other podcasts, and leveraging listener reviews and testimonials can all play a pivotal role in boosting the visibility and success of your podcast.

Here are some great services providers in the podcast marketing world, with their prices. This will give you a ballpark of podcast marketing costs.

As you can see, podcast marketing services vary quite a bit.

Hiring Podcast Production Help

When we talk about “podcast production” we’re referring to the the recording and editing of your podcast. If you plan on doing this yourself, you’ll save a lot of dough, but, it’ll cost you your time.

Regardless, it’s something to figure out when determining how much it costs to start a podcast.

Audio Software Cost

Video Editing Software Cost

A screen shot of an imovie video podcast editing session

The Cost To Hire A Video Editor

Yikes! Video production can be expensive. You’ll want to hire someone that knows what they are doing and these people/companies can be expensive.

If you want to save some money, there are some great AI video editing services that automate video editing.

  • Opus – Free – $29 a month
  • Minvo – $7.99 – $19.99 a month
  • Riverside – Free – $24 a month 
  • Podcastle – Free – $23.99 a month

The Cost To Hire an Audio Editor

How Much Does It Cost To Start a Podcast?

As you can see,  the cost of starting a podcast can vary significantly, and it all depends on your goals and approach. There’s no one-size-fits-all answer to the question, “How much does it cost to start a podcast?” 

It depends on several factors, including your budget, your level of expertise, and the quality and support you require.

If you’re just getting started and want to keep costs low, you can certainly do so. For those casual podcasters who want to chat with friends or share their thoughts, you can find affordable options for essential podcasting equipment. 

Equipment Expenses

A budget-friendly microphone like the Samson Q2U, priced at around $70, can provide acceptable audio quality. 

Pair it with free or low-cost audio software like Audacity or Garageband, and you’re off to the races. (Although you’ve gotta learn the software!).

On the other hand, if you have a larger budget and are aiming for top-notch audio quality and production value, there are high-end microphones like the Shure SM7B or Electro Voice RE20, which can range from $399 to $499. 

Additionally, if you plan to record video podcasts, cameras like the Sony Alpha A600 or Canon EOS Series can be part of your expenses, ranging from a few hundred to over a thousand dollars.

Quick Tip: Don’t blow your load on a video camera unless you’re absolutely sure you know how to use it and that you will continue to release video podcasts. iPhones have excellent cameras, you can always start with your phone. 

Podcast Hosting Expenses

Podcast hosting and distribution costs vary too. There are free hosting options like Buzzsprout or premium services like Captivate. 

Depending on your needs and goals, you can find a hosting platform that fits your budget.

Podcast Marketing and Promotion Expenses

Creating a podcast website is essential for building your online presence. Platforms like Podcastpage or PodPage offer options ranging from $12 to $39 a month. Don’t forget to consider domain costs and artwork, which can be as affordable as a few bucks on platforms like Fiverr or more expensive when hiring professional designers.

When it comes to podcast marketing, costs can vary widely. You can handle social media promotion and SEO yourself or invest in services like Kacey Hayes, The Podcast Man, Podsicle, Fame, or Rephonic, with monthly prices ranging from a few hundred to several thousand dollars.

Production Expenses

If you’re not confident in your audio editing skills, you might consider hiring an audio editor or a video editor for video podcasts. 

The costs for these services can range from $75 to $750 per episode or even higher, depending on the level of expertise and complexity required.

So, starting a podcast can be as budget-friendly or as extravagant as you want it to be. Whether you’re a beginner looking to keep costs low or a seasoned podcaster aiming for top-quality production, there are options available to suit your needs.

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