best usb microphones

Best USB Microphones

The best USB microphones can be hard to find whether you are a beginner or veteran streamer or just looking for something new.

After only a few podcasts, live streams or video productions, you realize the built-in mics just aren’t enough, and you need something new for great content.

To raise your game in the streaming and content creation industry, there are a few things you need. A good microphone is one of them, and finding the right one that meets the needs of a modern content creator can be hard.

But don’t worry because we’ve done the work for you.

Here, we will show you some of the best USB microphones for content creation, podcasting, and YouTubing. Not all the models shown are designed around modern content creation.

Yet they offer superb audio quality that sessions such as music recording and posting require.

So, from expert-level Shure and Rode products to easy-to-use mics with LED lighting when gaming, we have covered some of the best available right now.

The list of mics here also offers great entry-level items with a low price point, as well as expert-grade products that cost a little more.

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Now, let’s get into it.

The Best USB Microphones In No Particular Order

It’s easy to assume that all microphones are the same.

But they aren’t.

Of course, there are similarities, but each brand offers specific features that you will love, hate, or simply need. Of course, you don’t need LED lighting when gaming, but it makes your setup so much cooler.

From studio-quality items to mics for creating a vibrant gaming atmosphere, here they are.

Shure MV7 USB Microphone

the shure mv7 - all black with a foam windscreen on a shockmount. It's in our list of the best usb microphones


Shure is one of the leading manufacturers of consumer and studio-grade microphones. They offer excellent products that can be used for live performance and recording.

They also keep their items up-to-date, always offering the latest technologies as demonstrated by the MV7.

The MV7 is a superb upgrade to a standard mic or the one that comes with your laptop. The features apply to pretty much any scenario, but this model is a great option for podcasting.

Key Features:

  • Offers USB and XLR connections for both digital and analog recording sessions.
  • Close-mic features for clearer source sound quality and minimized ambient sound.
  • Touch panel controls are used to set volume, gain, and headphone mix while using.
  • Headphone output is built into the mic for direct monitoring as you record.
  • Solid yet flexible design with an adjustable yoke for easy stand and boom placement.

The Shure MV7’s features, compared with the price, offer excellent value for money. You can’t really go wrong with this device, and the touch-panel interface offers next-level control.

The close-mic feature for lower ambient noise is also a must-have for podcasting and live streaming. To access this feature and a ton of other features, download the Shure MOTIV desktop app.

If video podcasting is your thing, this mic looks great on camera. It’s also easy to set up and use and feels like a premium product because it is made from metal.

The Shure MV7 USB microphone is also considered one of the easiest to configure using computers. When you plug it in, your computer should immediately recognize it the “audio input” for your sound.


the all black rode nt mini microphone. This mic comes with a mini magnetic mic stand. It looks like a vintage microphone. It's one of the best usb microphones


RØDE is one of the best in the business, and their products are considered world-class. They have an extensive collection of items, with each one offering features for the needs of the user.

One of the best entry-level RØDE mics is the NT-USB Mini.

If you want solid quality, and a unique looking microphone. available upgrading to a RØDE product is a no-brainer.

A mini device with RØDE quality, we love it. The NT is excellent for live streaming, podcasting and more.

Key Features:

  • Crystal clear audio capture to all devices such as PCs, laptops, and smartphones.
  • Focused recordings thanks to a directional polar pattern for reduced ambient sound.
  • Echo and delay-free real-time audio output with onboard volume control.
  • Studio quality headphone amp with 3.5mm jack compatibility for precise control.
  • Free RØDE Central App that works with PC or Mac.

The whole reason for the RØDE NT USB-Mini is to deliver the world class performance RØDE is known for in a compact system.

And it does exactly that.

One of the most-loved features of this mic is the headphone volume control, which can be adjusted in real-time from the mic itself.

This mic is also great value for money when you consider the features against the price and the audio quality you can expect. 

Audio-Technica AT2040USB Dynamic USB Microphone

The all black broadcast microphone by Audio-Technica. Its one of the best usb microphones out there.

Audio-Technica is well-known in the audio electronics industry. So when searching for the best usb microphones, definitely don’t sleep on Audio-Technica.

The AT2040 has a rad design that looks like a pro broadcast mic. It’s got that all black everything look, high-quality sound, AND has a mute button.

We love the mute button because it helps us shut the fuck up when it’s not our turn to talk!

With a sleek design and professional features, the AT2040USB offers the kind of quality you’d expect from Audio-Technica.

Key Features:

  • Plug-and-play USB offers dynamic broadcast control for high-quality podcasts.
  • Voice focus with less ambient sound thanks to the hypercardioid pickup system.
  • Real-time monitoring and control over an industry standard 3.5mm jack. 
  • Mic on and mic off blue and red LED indicators for greater awareness and control.
  • Convenient, easy, and reliable muting at the touch of a soft touch button.

While it doesn’t offer amp-based XLR connection, the Audio-Technica AT2040USB is ready to go out of the box and straight into your laptop or PC.

As such, this is an excellent model for on-the-go recording sessions or podcasting with a minimally invasive setup in limited space.

Despite its digital interface, customers who use this mic comment that the audio quality compared to the price is phenomenal. This makes the Audio-Technica AT2040USB a solid and reliable mic for content creation where a full professional setup isn’t really needed or possible.

Samson Q2U

the samson q2u in all it's glory. It's mat black, the on and off switch is showing and it looks like a handheld microphone a singer would use.
To be perfectly honest, we don’t know a lot about Samson as a whole. They’re one of those brands that doesn’t really get their due in the audio world.
Who knows why…not sure if they’re considered “pro level” audio like the other companies on this list.

BUT, the Samson Q2U fucks. It sound SHOCKINGLY good for the price.

It’s certainly one of the best usb microphones in the business. It’s marketed as a handheld microphone but we 100% recommend that you attach it to a mic stand or Boom Arm.

The Samson Q2U is an excellent choice for content creators. Oh, and get the all black model. It looks way cooler.

Key Features:

  • A versatile all-rounder for miking vocals, podcasting, and recording instruments.
  • Connects directly using USB, or XLR.
  • Easy setup, connection, and monitoring using a standard 3.5mm headphone jack.
  • Reduced ambient room sound via a cardioid recording system from the front.

While it hasn’t been designed with podcasting or streaming in mind, the Q2U offers studio-level power in a compact way.

It has become a popular choice for podcasting because of its powerful design that reduces background noise to a minimum.

Audio-Technica ATR2100x-USB Cardioid Dynamic Microphone

A silver microphone capsule with a black body that looks like a handheld mic. In this photo the mic is on a small tripod. This microphone made our article of the best usb microphones.

Ah, one of our first loves.

Whether you’re podcasting, recording content, or even stretching your vocals with a good old sing-song, the Audio-Technica ATR2100x-USB Cardioid Dynamic Microphone offers superb audio features at a rock-bottom price.

This makes it a stunning model for content creators of all levels.

The ATR2100x, offers portability via it’s USB connection, but if you want to juice up your sound you can always connect it to your audio interface via XLR.  

Key Features:

  • Lightweight handheld versatile mic with analog XLR and digital USB connections.
  • Monitor sounds directly from the microphone using the built-in 3.5mm jack.
  • Reduce ambient and unwanted sounds with the mic’s premium cardioid system.
  • Features a high-quality A/D converter for 24-bit audio up to 192 kHz sampling.

What it lacks in professional studio features, the ATR2100x makes up for simplicity and just does what it says on the box: high-quality XLR and USB recording.


The microphone is black with a gold grille and it's connected to a shock mount.

Once again, RØDE offers a stunningly versatile and compact mic with all the studio-quality features you could ever need for streaming, podcasting, or gaming.

RØDE states this is the most versatile product available with broadcast quality features for taking it to the next level.

Key Features:

  • Premium mic made for podcasting and streaming with balanced audio.
  • Analog XLR and digital USB-C connections for use with a wide range of systems.
  • Integrated headphone jack for real-time feedback monitoring and volume adjustment.
  • A wide range of effects when using the RØDE Central companion app and APHEX.
  • Solid and reliable manufacturing straight from the RØDE facility in Sydney, Australia.

The RØDE PodMic is designed around ease of use, and it delivers. But don’t let that fool you.

Professional features come with this mini mic, and it can even be used with the RØDECASTER Pro. The PodMic simply delivers what you would expect from a typical RØDE product.

It’s got great sound, great look (the gold grille is sick), and a strong build.


the Maono PD200x is shown. It's a long broadcast mic with a long foam windscreen. It's connected to a shock mount and the green RGB is lit up around the body of the mic. This certainly is one of the best USB microphones!

Maono may not be as well known as brands like Shure, Audio-Technica, but its products are no less impressive, especially for the price.

The MAONO PD200X Dynamic Microphone offers some excellent features and is aimed at a gaming/streaming target audience, and it doesn’t disappoint.

An excellent all-rounder, the MAONO XLR/USB Dynamic Microphone offers ease of use, flexibility, and something extra for podcasting, live streaming, and game streaming.

Key Features:

  • Captures an ultra-wide frequency range between 40 Hz and 16 kHz.
  • Intuitive controls use MAONO Link to operate the EQ, limiter, and compressor.
  • Digital and analog compatibility using both standard XLR and USB cables.
  • Smart knob control to adjust headset volume, mic gain, and muting instantly.
  • Built-in RGB LED colors for personalizing a live-streaming ambient atmosphere.

Built-in LED lighting isn’t necessary for good audio, but it looks awesome when live streaming from your gaming rig.

You can also control this mic pretty easily using its onboard controls and smart knob, something many other similar products don’t offer, as well as Maono Link software.

For an entry-level cost, you get full and clear audio with the MAONO XLR/USB Dynamic Microphone. The intuitive controls are also a game changer, literally!

You don’t want to be fiddling for controls while avoiding being fragged, making this a clear winner for gaming.

Best USB Microphones Wrap Up

As a content creator, one thing is clear: audio quality matters. Whether you’re a podcaster, a seasoned YouTuber, or an avid gamer, the sound is a critical component of your content.

What sets these USB microphones apart is their flexibility. They serve as an excellent jumping-off point for content creators. They deliver great sound, and many of them come equipped with XLR connections, making it easy to upgrade when you’re ready to take your audio game to the next level.

Now, let’s talk about the sheer number of USB microphones out there. It’s overwhelming, to say the least. But here’s the deal: many of them miss the mark when it comes to audio quality.

That’s where our curated list comes in. We’ve sifted through the noise to present you with options that not only meet but exceed your expectations.

Why is audio quality so essential?

It’s simple.

Your audience’s retention and perception of professionalism hinge on it. Crisp, clear, and immersive sound keeps your viewers and listeners engaged. And with these USB microphones, achieving that level of quality doesn’t require you to become an audio expert.

The beauty of these microphones lies in their ease of use. You don’t need to be an audio nerd to make them work wonders for your content. They provide the flexibility you need while maintaining exceptional sound quality. 

This list is your solution to the USB microphone conundrum. It’s about recognizing the importance of audio quality in your content and finding the right tool to elevate your game. 

So, go ahead, choose the one that suits your needs, and let your creativity flow without the hassle. You’ve got the power of exceptional audio at your fingertips.

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