How To Build A Podcast Website With Podcastpage – EP 34

Tom is the co-founder of Podcastpage, a platform that makes it easy for podcasters to create and customize their own websites. His mission is to help new podcasters navigate the intimidating world of website creation.

In this episode, he’s going to teach you how to build a podcast website with podcastpage. With Podcastpage, podcasters can build websites for their shows in just a few minutes. It’s honestly pretty incredible how quick and easy it is to import your show and begin customizing your site.

Podcastpage Features:

  • Custom audio players
  • Subscribe buttons
  • Drag & drop page builder
  • Listener comments
  • Guest intake forms
  • Voice recordings
  • The ability to import reviews from Apple and Spotify
  • Custom Domains
  • Show notes, blog posts, and transcripts
  • Social media integrations and automation
  • Google Analytics integration
  • Email marketing integration

Do You Need To Build A Podcast Website?

By all means, you don’t have to build a podcast website. However, it will improve your chances for success. A podcast website can serve as a home base for your audience and boost the visibility of your show.

 Some Reasons To Create a Website For Your Podcast:

  • Community building
  • SEO
  • Growing an email list
  • Creating sales funnels
  • Analytical data on your listeners
  • A place for long-form written content content
  • Control over your IP
  • More opportunities for monetization


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