Podcast Intro’s and Outro’s

By admin | February 25, 2019

Tips for Creating Killer Intro and Ending The intro to your podcast is very important. It sets the tone for your whole podcast. Having a clear intro and ending provide your podcast with the proper structure of a professional podcast. Quite frankly, if people don’t like your intro, they might…

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Creating Podcasts

By admin | February 6, 2019

Everything You Need to Create a Great Podcast In the amazing futuristic world, we live in, you can record and post podcasts with your smart phone. You can record podcasts on your phone and the quality will be decent. Make no mistakes about it, the emphasis of a great podcast…

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On-Site Mobile Recording Services

Remote Recording

By admin | January 25, 2019

Recording Remote Interviews One of the keys to great podcasts are interviews. Interviews with experts, celebrities or anyone interesting can add a lot of value to a podcast. That fact is, if you have an interview based show, you want to be able to host interviews whenever, wherever possible. Gone…

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RODECaster Pro

By admin | January 8, 2019

The World’s First Fully Integrated Podcast Production Studio The light bulb was a game changing invention, which changed the landscape of humanity forever. The light bulb made just about everything easier for people to do, and every now and then an idea comes along and just makes things easier. This…

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The Importance Of Podcast Show Notes

By admin | December 19, 2018

Why Are Podcast Show Notes So Important? Show notes, show notes, show notes. When you are first starting out as a Podcaster it seems everywhere you turn, people are telling you to have good show notes. Why are show notes so important? There’s much more to podcast show notes, than…

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What’s the Ideal Length for Your Podcast?

By admin | December 4, 2018

People are always asking what is the ideal length for their podcast, and for good reason. The length of a podcast is important. When you are planning, you need to know what kind of time frame you are working with. However, when people ask this question, what they really want to…

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How To Gain More Listeners For Your Podcast

By admin | November 21, 2018

How to Gain More Listeners For Your Podcast “If a tree falls in a forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound”? is a timeless question to provoke thought, but a more relevant question is “if you record a Podcast and no one listens…

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Timesaving Podcast Editing Tips

By admin | November 7, 2018

They say time is free, but it’s priceless. We all know time is money. The point is time is valuable for everyone and Podcasters are no different. Let’s review how Podcasters can save time with some simple podcast editing tips. Better Planning One of the best tips for editing is…

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How To Get Your Podcast on iTunes

By admin | October 26, 2018

Ok, you’ve finish recording your first podcast episode. What’s your next step? Of course, you want to get your podcast on iTunes, so it can be heard by millions of people. After all podcasts are made to be heard right? The good news is you’ve completed the hard part. The…

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July Podcast Selection

By admin | July 30, 2018

We’re knee deep in summer and things have been exciting at The Podcast Haven. I took 2 weeks off to travel Europe with my soon to be wife. We visited Rome, Florence, Ibizia and Barcelona. All beautiful cities. What a trip! Upon my return,  I came back to a lot…

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