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Unpacking Podcast Jobs: Key Roles Explained

From true crime to self-help advice and everything in between, podcasts have become a staple in the lives of millions.

While the focus is often on the charismatic hosts and engaging content, behind the scenes, there exists a thriving ecosystem of professionals who play pivotal roles in bringing these shows to life and ensuring their success.

Podcast jobs offer a multitude of opportunities for those with a passion for storytelling, technology, and creative innovation.

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This post is going to be a little different.

We’re not posting podcast job opportunities.

Rather, we’re hitting you with a quick overview and explanation of the different types of jobs within the podcast industry. Our goal is to help you identify if there’s a job in the podcasting industry that aligns with your skill set.

Let’s get into it.

Podcast Producer: The Architect of Audio Excellence

At the heart of every successful podcast is a skilled producer who oversees every aspect of the production process.

From conceptualizing show ideas to booking guests, scripting episodes, and managing post-production, the podcast producer serves as the architect of audio excellence.

They run shit.

the show what being a producer looks like from a studio perspective. a podcast producer may sit on the other side of the glass and direct the session via a talkback microphone.

A Podcast Producers view of a recording session.

This role requires a blend of creativity, organization, and technical expertise. Producers collaborate with hosts to craft compelling narratives and deliver high-quality content.

Podcast producers may also be responsible for publishing episodes to Apple, Spotify, YouTube and other popular listening platforms.

Podcast Editors: Shaping Soundscapes and Visuals

Behind the seamless flow of dialogue and immersive soundscapes lies the meticulous work of audio and video editors.

These professionals are responsible for shaping the sonic and visual elements of a podcast, from editing raw recordings to adding music, sound effects, and graphics.

to show what editing a podcast looks like.

Editing a Podcast in Pro Tools

Now a days, it’s likely that a shows audio/video editor will also cut short clips together for social media. These act as episode highlights and teasers.

Here’s some examples of these social media snippets.

With a keen eye for detail and proficiency in editing software, podcast editors elevate the listening and viewing experience. They ensure that each episode captivates and entertains listeners.

to show what it looks like to film a video podcast. Video production is one of the key podcast jobs out there.

Filming a Video Podcast.

Podcast Marketers: Amplifying Reach and Engagement

In an increasingly crowded podcasting landscape, effective marketing is essential for attracting new listeners and retaining existing ones.

There may be several podcast jobs that encompass marketing, but, podcast marketing teams are in charge of leveraging a combination of social media, influencer partnerships, paid podcast advertising strategies, email marketing, promo swaps, guesting, and more.

By analyzing audience data and monitoring trends, marketers identify opportunities for growth and tailor promotional efforts to maximize impact.

This ultimately drives awareness and aids in building a loyal fan base. A shows marketing team will execute on these pillars.

The Shows Host: The Voice of Authenticity

While the role of the host may seem self-explanatory, it encompasses much more than simply speaking into a microphone.

The host serves as the voice of authority and authenticity, guiding listeners through each episode with charisma, knowledge, and empathy.

The above video features Eric Montgomery, Founder of The Podcast Haven, and host of Clipped. Clipped is our flagship podcast that teaches new and intermediate podcasters how to start, grow and monetize their podcast.

Whether conducting interviews, sharing personal anecdotes, or delivering scripted content, the host plays a central role in shaping the tone and direction of the show, forging a connection with listeners that keeps them coming back for more.

Podcast Network Executives: The Growth and Monetization Playbook

Often, it’s the network execs at companies like PodcastOne, SiriusXM, and Wondery,  pulling the strings and steering the ship for many of the biggest shows in the podcast world.

They’re the ones managing the daily grind and plotting the course for a roster of hit podcasts.

These positions, are vital for the network’s success, are also key touch points for podcast teams working on major shows, often bringing creators and executives together in strategic meetings.

Whether as standalone positions or integral parts of a larger podcast team, interactions with these executives can significantly influence a show’s direction and success.

to introduce the reader to Wondery, a massive podcast network that is seemingly always looking to hire people for podcast related jobs.

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Vice President of Business Development

Drives the network’s expansion by forging new partnerships and deals, essential for broadening content distribution and audience reach.

Director of Talent Relations

Focuses on building and maintaining strong relationships with podcast talent, ensuring their needs are met and their contributions align with the network’s goals.

Head of Audience Growth

Utilizes data-driven strategies to increase the listener base, leveraging marketing campaigns and social media to enhance discoverability and engagement.

Network Executive Are Key Stakeholders

By fostering relationships with advertisers, negotiating partnerships, and staying ahead of industry trends, they ensure that the network remains competitive and continues to grow its audience and revenue streams.

These roles illustrate just a slice of the diverse executive landscape within major podcast networks.

Podcast Jobs: Thriving in a Growing Industry

Diving into the heart of the podcasting world reveals a dynamic ecosystem where creativity meets technology.

It’s an exciting time for the industry, and there’s tons of opportunities!

For anyone passionate about podcasting, whether in production, marketing, or leadership, the path is rich with opportunities for growth, innovation, and making an impact on the ever-expanding universe of podcast listeners.

The journey into podcasting is not just about finding a job; it’s about contributing to a culture of creativity and connection that defines this thriving industry.

The podcasting industry offers a wealth of opportunities on Jooble for those passionate about storytelling, technology, and creative innovation.

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