The Four Pillars of Podcasting Review

We know, We know, we are all eager to launch our podcast. But, if you’re even a bit familiar with the adage “measure twice, cut once”, then you will hang in there before we move forward to that fourth and final pillar, which is “Launch and Marketing”. We spent a lot of time discussing editing and it should be said that if you simply aren’t getting the hang of it yet, and you’re jonesing to get that first, second, and even third episode edited and ready for launch, there is hope. You can outsource your editing and post-production, taking your stress away and allowing you a bit more time to learn.

There are professional editors and production companies available to you and your podcast. Podcast Haven is one of those companies where you can outsource your recording, editing, and show notes packages, with ongoing monthly services available. Feel free to contact Podcast Haven if we can assist in getting your podcast launched. Now let’s head into our pillar review.

In The Beginning.

Ah, the fond memories of when your podcast was just a glimmer of an idea. How far you have come. By establishing your “why” you gave your podcast direction and forward momentum, and with over two million podcasts out there, all vying for a top position in the directories, this was an all important task to achieve. Afterward, by picking your niche, you were able to fit your podcast into the proper category and narrow that competition down.

With a name on your lips and hope in your heart, you were able to give your podcast a title that reflected a unique brand with creativity and inspiration. Adding to that a consistent format, developed along with episode length and a reliable publishing schedule, your first pillar should have been towering high, and strong enough to move into the production phase.

Support Your Middle.

With all that beginning work accomplished, it was time to construct the support structure to get your podcast up and moving. By doing your research, consulting your budget, and knowing what your format would require, you should have been able to breeze through choosing a microphone and a method of capturing your recordings. Be it with handheld recorders, or online recording software. Let’s not forget all the work you put into making that studio acoustically friendly.

From tests to warmups, to being aware of your breathing, we covered all the helpful hints when it came to actually laying down the tracks of your first session, and you came through it with flying colors. You worked diligently on conducting interviews with grace and professionalism so that you could enter into that third pillar with an air of class and satisfaction. I do hope someone celebrated your achievements with a slice of cake, because getting to the third pillar, post production, was not a piece of pie. You worked hard.

It’s All In How You Edit.

Once done with that cake, or pie, it was time to put it all together with fun and flair. Constructing your artsy third pillar was your latest task to build your podcast palace. Beginning with some basic editing, you should have been able to start the process of cleaning up your recorded files. Creating the staples of your podcast’s sonic image, like your intro and outro. This guided you forward, to adjusting levels, or perhaps deleting stumbling flubs and stutters. This was the learning process to editing, knowing that no matter how well you prepared when recording, you’d always need to do some type of basic editing.

Perhaps not in the first episode, but maybe in the second or in your plans for the future, you know that you can learn and manage advanced editing, and have the ability to lift your podcast upward into the polished show that will have your listeners eager for more. Top that off with awesome, podcast safe music that reflects what your podcast has to say, and kick-butt cover art that draws new listeners in, and you have three tall, strong pillars ready to support you, your podcast and your fan base for a long time to come.

Go Time.

Now comes the time to take in a deep breath, stand back and admire all you have accomplished, and launch your growing endeavor out into the ears of the masses. It’s time to get your knowledge being talked about around all the water coolers and in every text message and group gathering. With the last pillar, you can do just that.

Your podcast is now ready to shuffle off to podcast platforms. You can begin your marketing plan and start promoting that brand you have big dreams of. But, your work is not complete. With all that we discussed before, some of it will become routine, and other parts are set in stone, there will be the aftercare of producing and putting your podcast out to the public. You still have a bit of hammering to do to finish the construction of your podcast. And with The Four Pillars of Podcasting, you can do just that.

Prepare for launch, make marketing meet your goals, and learn how to list your episodes with a podcasting hosting site. Keeping show notes, and transcriptions, will round out this fourth pillar and TAH-DAH, you are a podcaster! With your unique style, your patience in performing in a professional manner, and your knowledge in producing a podcast of quality, your listenership will grow in leaps and bounds, opening up avenues that you can pursue or keep in your back pocket, and all because you took the time to build it right.

We’re so proud. (wipes tear).